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Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Nephew's First Birthday Party.... SESAME STREET!!!

So... I'm not in the new apartment quite yet, but, today my little nephew turned 1 year old and I baked and decorated Sesame Street cupcakes. The cake i used was Fun-fetti! How perfect for these blue and red characters! I used pictures off of for inspiration! I made Elmo and a mix between Grover and Cookie Monster! All the kids thought it was cookie monster, but it was supposed to be Grover!!!

So, for Elmo, I dyed some vanilla frosting with "Christmas Red" and used a decorator tip (perhaps #22 but I don't remember!) to make his fur. Then I used jumbo marshmallows (halved) for his eyes, an orange peanut M&M for his nose, and half of an oreo for his mouth. For his eyeballs, i just piped chocolate frosting in small dots!
Careful with those oreos, use a serated knife!!
Can you get enough of these, i mean really!?

And for grover, I basically did the same thing as far as icing, except blue, used MINI marshmallows, and a RED peanut M&Ms :) WAY TOO CUTE!

Here he is, head on!

And just for the full oreo effect... here he is one last time!

These are a blast. I found red and blue cupcake holders which were AWESOME! I highly reccomend using them, it adds to the little character! Have fun with these! For more character ideas (and probably better looking cucakes)... check out!!!

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