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Monday, May 17, 2010

Grilled Salmon with Fresh Salsa, add corn!

Grilling Season is officially OPEN. I declare it. Mainly because we received a beautiful new grill as a housewarming gift from Nick's parents, but also because, we love grilled food :) Nick's birthday is coming up, so since he requested some grilled salmon, I splurged and went to Fresh Market to buy 2 filets for us to grill up for an early celebration!

While I was shopping, Publix had corn on sale- 8 ears for 2 dollars! Well I only needed 2 ears, so it cost me all of 50 cents to add corn as a side dish!

Oh man, this was so good! Nick actually said "This goes on the list of Top 5 meals of all time!" So, you know it must be good! For those of you who are money conscious (which we usually are) - I think you can buy frozen filets and let them thaw out before you grill them. So don't be scared of this meal, you'll be missing out!

For your Salmon:

You will want about a 10 oz piece of salmon per person
1 T Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

For your Salsa:

1-2 Roma tomatoes finely diced
1 T finely diced red onion
1 T lemon juice (fresh)
1 T fresh chopped parsley
1 T fresh chopped dill
1/4 tsp Worchestire sauce (I can't spell that)
1 T rice wine vinegar
1 clove of garlic finely minced

We placed our salmon in a fish basket that allowed us to flip it easily. If you have skin removed, you'll want to cook the fish on both sides about 4-5 minutes. If the skin is still on, cook with the skin side down until done. (Internal temperature of 150 degrees) We cooked it over medium-high heat. 

Make sure to spray your grill, or rub the skin with oil to allow easy flipping and no sticking/flaking apart!

Meanwhile, mix together the ingredients for your salsa. When fish is done cooking, top with salsa and serve!

If you want to grill corn alongside you have 2 options:

1. Peel husk down (do not remove.) Discard silky strings from the corn. Soak corn about 30 minutes before cooking. Pat dry. Rub with butter and add any flavor you'd like to the inside. We added garlic powder and a little butter! 
2. Remove husk and silky strings. Soak for about 30 minutes. Pat dry. Place on a square of aluminum foil. Rub with butter and add any flavors you'd like. Wrap in foil!

To grill, just place them right on! You'll want to turn them about every 3-4 minutes, for a total of about 12 minutes. Make sure each side gets a turn on the heat! Soaking the corn allows it to steam the kernels while it grills. This will be the juciest and most delicious corn you've ever put in your mouth! Guaranteed!

I also made Trader Joe's "Harvest Blend" pasta. Add a sprig of dill, a sprig of parsley, and a lemon slice to dress this plate up. Doesn't that just look like a keeper? Imagine how it must taste!

Enjoy :) And get those grills ready for some new recipes!

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